The Power of Desire
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We live in a very materialistic society today and we often find ourselves looking for the next best thing, or the newest thing. There is something deep down inside us that drives us to pursue “greatness”. We expect our relationships to be great, our homes, phones, cars, computers to be great. Heck, some people even expect them to be perfect! So why is that? As the title suggest, simply put it‘s desire. Desire is arguable one of the most powerful emotions, feelings, thoughts, however you want to term it. Desire has been around since we were in existence and it consciously and subconsciously effects the decisions we make.

We definitely live in a ”want” culture, but to want something means you are fine without it. If you only want to be verified on Twitter, or want to be rich, or want that promotion, or want that relationship, you have already subconsciously told yourself that it is not necessary. So what do we do when we feel something is unnecessary? We move on! We move on to a new job, a new relationship, a new hobby, and store, the list is endless.

Desire is what separates those who have everything they have wanted, and those who are moving on from “want“ to “want”. When you desire something, you are determined. You are telling yourself that you won’t accept anything less that what you are desiring. Failing will not change your mind, other people will not influence your decision, and you will put in countless hours, planning, and strategizing to reach your desire. I challenge you to switch your “wants” to ”desires”. Daily, work towards that desire, educate yourself on that desire, make it your life’s mission and watch how easy you can make it a reality. This is such a simple concept, yet often never put into practice.

Looking back on all the greatest accomplishments, conquest, battles, technological advances, and medical advances we have made as humans, they have all started with one person‘s desire for something. Thomas Edison desired a time where people didn’t have to use lanterns and candles for light. Alexander Graham Bell desired a way to easily communicate with people in different areas instantly. These are just two of the millions of accomplishments made, and there are several accomplishments made by people who are never mentioned.

Desire can lead to incredible things, but are you going to take the steps necessary to turn these desires into a reality?

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